I wasn’t intending to run for State Representative. Admittedly, I’m having fun spending my free time with my two-year-old grandson, who lives just eight houses away!

But when I was asked to step up, I knew I had to do it for my grandson.

With thirty thousand people fleeing Illinois every year, equivalent to the population of Highland Park, would my grandson even have a future in this state? The thought of our grandson potentially not wanting to stay here is heartbreaking for me and my wife. We live in a beautiful community full of wonderful people. Our state has so many positives, including educational opportunities, cultural values, and transportation advantages.

Yet we’re missing the thing every young person really needs: opportunity. Our young people don’t want anything handed to them, they know they have to work in order to build their future. But they need opportunity so they can harness their energy, growth, and potential. They need growing businesses, increasing wages, and thriving communities that can support a modern lifestyle.

I want my grandson to prosper right here in Illinois. But, he can’t do that without opportunity. We need to pass on a better Illinois for our children and grandchildren. Time is running out for us to get our act together.

We need to enact term limits to get rid of the politicians who have been running our state into the ground, including Mike Madigan, who has been in office since 1971. It’s time for these career politicians who created our problems to get out of the way so everyday people can fix our state.

We can then get to work putting our fiscal house in order. We will balance our budget and stop borrowing money we don’t have to pay for inflated services we can’t afford. We will increase efficiency and decrease costs by embracing technological improvements and paying fair market value for work. We will address our $14 billion backlog of unpaid bills, stop paying unnecessarily high interest rates, and consolidate the number of local governments in Illinois.

We will also finally reform pensions, addressing the hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension liability. We can no longer afford to kick the can down the road. We must address the public pension crisis while protecting the retirement of our teachers, police officers, and firefighters who served their communities for years.

By taking these commonsense steps, we can stop losing families and businesses to neighboring states. We can create our own economic boom here in Illinois, leading to higher wages, increased opportunities, and lower taxes for our over-burdened taxpayers.

As a successful small businessman and one of the leading estate planning attorneys in Illinois, I have the experience necessary to address Illinois’ many fiscal problems. Unlike the politicians in Springfield who are bankrupting our state with empty promises, I have a plan to bring Illinois back to prosperity. Please vote for me, Rick Lesser, for Illinois State Representative.



Enact Term Limits:


Put Everyday People Back in Charge to Fix Our State


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Balance the Budget:


Fund Necessary Services, Lower Property Taxes, and Increase Economic Development


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Reform Pensions:


Stop Kicking the Can Down the Road


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