Our state government is calcified by old men who have been in power for decades, including Speaker of the House Mike Madigan who has been in office since 1971. These politicians serve special interests instead of doing what is in the best interests of the taxpayers back home.


For Mike Madigan, who is also the Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, this has been a very long and lucrative career. He has profited off the system by helping the wealthiest and most politically powerful people in Illinois avoid paying their property taxes, pushing those taxes onto the rest of us. Madigan rules Springfield with an iron fist. He created a system where not a single piece of legislation can make it onto the floor without his approval, even if every other legislator is in favor of the bill. We, the taxpayers of Illinois, cannot even amend our own Illinois Constitution, because it required Madigan’s approval.


We need term limits desperately. It’s time these politicians who created our problems got out of the way so everyday people can fix our state. Public service was never supposed to be a career. Our founding fathers envisioned a government run by citizen legislators. Instead, our government is dominated by lifelong professional politicians who earn lucrative salaries and pensions. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we need to return to a system where our elected officials are serving us.